September 2019

The jurisdiction of courts with an international element within the member states of the EU is modified by a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 1215/2012 (the “Directive”). In the case of consumer shall be used the special jurisdiction of courts. According to the special jurisdiction the consumer is entitled to lodge a claim against the contracting party, either at the court of the member state, where the contracting party has a permanent residence, or at the court where the consumer has a permanent residence.

September 2019

A senior attorney, Marie Lauter, joins the CHSH Kališ & Partners law firm team.

January 2019
The basic operation of the joint stock company and the relations between shareholders and the company and between shareholders are governed by the statutes of the company. Similarly, in a limited liability company, the company's internal organization and the legal relationships of the shareholders are determined by the memorandum of association. Besides these founding documents of the capital companies, the shareholders (or associates) often conclude so-called subsidiary shareholders 'agreements (or agreements between shareholders).


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December 2018

On the 3rd and 4th of December 2018, the 4th year of the „Anti-Trust & Competition Compliance CEE" conference took place in Prague. The conference was sponsored by our law firm CHSH Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati, and organized by GCM Parker.


It is the only one international conference which is dealing with Antitrust, Competition and Compliance risks in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and other countries of the CEE.

November 2018

On the 27th November 2018, the final of the Negotiation Competition took place at the seat of the law firm Kališ & Partners.

The Negotiation Competition is a competition focused on negotiating with elements of attorney-at-law praxis.

The competition was prepared for teams composed from two members who are studying at law schools in Czech Republic, and was composed from written qualification round and oral negotiating round. 

November 2018

Although the eIDAS Regulation came into force on 1 July 2016, objectives and intentions set by it are far from being fulfilled, and the idea of a functioning online environment within the European Union is still music of the future, though not so distant. This article describes the key areas of the eIDAS regulation, focusing in particular on the latest changes and novelties in the area of digitization of legal relations both in the Czech Republic and at the European level.

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November 2018

This year an international working group led by lawyers from Russia and other countries has published a proposal for the new rules governing the taking of evidence in international arbitrations.

September 2018

The Legal Team of CHSH Kališ & Partners, a member of the leading international network of the CHSH Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati law firms, extends its leadership to another partner, lawyer David Kučera, effective as of September 3, 2018.